love and get hurt

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love and get hurt

Post  pain on Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:07 am

Funny to say when we learn to love a person, to love somebody, to let them be a part of our lives there came a time that you’ll be hurt and cry for him.

Why love, when at the end you are not sure if you will be hurt ,why kissing when at the end it will turn into memories… why hugs when someday it will be goodbye.

We have to realize that love’s not enough to make a relationship work. — We need trust, respect, time, effort and total commitment… if a person does not show respect does not earn you’re trust and cant keep a promise then no matter how many times they say “ I love you” those words will be empty.. take time to listen to what they don’t say take time to look at what they don’t show coz there are secrets hidden beneath there words. So don’t let passion but wisdom decide for you… Love wisely coz it’s never easy to love and get hurt…

Giving yourself a chance to love a person make you realize that you are a human ready to be loved and be hurt. But there are question why should we learn to love a person but hurt comes next. Experiencing these things makes you wonder why love has been born, to many answer but I guess no definition can ever describe what love means because only us the person who learn to love knows what is the true meaning of it.

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Re: love and get hurt

Post  Zuko on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:22 am

ang haba...hehe...
gusto ko basahon pero hinuhubya ak... =)

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